Hello friends, my name is Olivia Fernandes and am 20 years old and wants to share my story and experience with MyProtein products and the Discount Code I used was 50% Off Myprotein on all their products.

I live in Central London and completed my Bachelors last year and now am planning to get married.  All my three elder sisters are happily married and I left with my parents.   I being the youngest of all, is the weakest of all, and my family is worried of my health.   Despite of my family genetics, I am as slim as 13-14 year old girl and the concern of my mother is more about my marital life.   I myself feels weakness regularly and has to take rest even if I have to help my mother in the Kitchen.  My physical stature is also not very attractive and this has become an physiological effect on my mind as well.

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Whenever my sisters came to home, they also guide to take some measures for my future life.  However, I was unable to get the right path, which can keep me fit internally and more attractive physically.

One fine day, I went with my mother to a grocery shop, where I saw “MyProtein Impact Whey Protein” to improve proteins and vitamins in body.   I immediately took the packet in my shopping bag and start taking the MyProtein glass on a regular basis, as per guidelines provided on the pouch.    It has become 15 days of using it, and I could not see any improvement physically, but I can feel the freshness internally and I became more fit and efficient in my day to day work.   Further, I can feel a difference in my sleep as well, as I am able to get up early with freshness.

Since the impact was positive, I tried to use some proteins for my physical appearance and hence I visited the MyProteins Page and selected “MyProtein Peanut Butter” for my breakfast and “MyProtein Vitamins for Active Women”.   The next day, delivery was made at my place and I start taking Vitamins to improve my fitness and also start taking Vitamin Butter in the morning.

I have not yet informed my mother about the Vitamins, as I want to give all of them surprise.  However, my mother has once see me taking the tablets and asked about it.   I informed her about the MyProtein, but request him to not to tell anybody, till I get the positive results.

Next month, there was a Christmas Party at our place and all my sisters and my fiancé were invited.   I was very excited of meeting all of them, as I feel the best of myself mentally and physically and waiting for the Big Day.  On the day, all my sisters have noticed the changes on me and appreciate my efforts.  My fiancé was also happy to see me and invited for a dinner for the first time.  My mother than told my sisters about the MyProtein Vitamins and my initiative.

I am now waiting for the BIG DAY of the marriage and advise all the friends facing the same problem to at least visit the MyProtein Page once.

Thank you MyProtein.