Hello friends, my name is Olivia Fernandes and am 20 years old and wants to share my story and experience with MyProtein products and the Discount Code I used was 50% Off Myprotein on all their products.

I live in Central London and completed my Bachelors last year and now am planning to get married.  All my three elder sisters are happily married and I left with my parents.   I being the youngest of all, is the weakest of all, and my family is worried of my health.   Despite of my family genetics, I am as slim as 13-14 year old girl and the concern of my mother is more about my marital life.   I myself feels weakness regularly and has to take rest even if I have to help my mother in the Kitchen.  My physical stature is also not very attractive and this has become an physiological effect on my mind as well.

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Whenever my sisters came to home, they also guide to take some measures for my future life.  However, I was unable to get the right path, which can keep me fit internally and more attractive physically.

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